Kalamkari Cotton Blouse material with flowers & House (Red)(25006) Multi-pattern (front/back/arm)

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The Kalamkari pattern varies from front to the back and on the arms. This is an unique Kalamkari style and very different from other blouse materials in the shop.

This Cotton blouse material has a striking kalamkari block print pattern. Best designer creation from the artisans of rural South India.

  • ​​It has Combination of block prints and hand painting ​
  • ​Vegetable Dyes are used to print the designs in the cloth
  • Care: Dry clean first time to set colors. Later handwash in mild detergent (Ezee)/Machine wash with Delicate setting
  • Dimensions: (L x B) 100 cms x 85 cms
  • Material: Cotton with Pattern
  • ​Weight: 150 gms