The magical allure of Batik

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Amidst the myriad of attributes of our country India, is revered as the land of the eclectic cultures, traditions and craft. Of all the cultural tributaries, Indian handicraft reigns supreme when it comes to the various forms of printing technique of textiles. Though they date back to various countries, they still remain relevant to fashion contours and ramp display of date. Such is the charisma, that ethnic wear and western clothing, male and female attires, all exhibit a proud depiction of these prints. One such print which remains a favorite of fashion enthusiasts and common folk alike is Batik printing.

Batik print sarees invoke a certain kind of nostalgic paradise with it. Branded as one of the oldest form of printing, it has undergone a massive makeover with newer designs doing the rounds. An act that requires very simple tools, printing nevertheless requires great precision. It is technique of wax resisting dye applied to the designs which are drawn on the fabric. The applied wax resists dyes and therefore allows the artisans to colour selectively by soaking the cloth in one or multiple colours. The wax is later removed by boiling water. Its a traditional workmanship which has now crossed the boundaries of age old craft to be vouched as one of the most sought after designs.

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At Swadeshi Boutique, we love our heritage and wish to preserve the cultural ambiance of our country. The artisans and designers at Swadeshi Boutique have joined hands and put in their efforts to elevate the status of batik printing to new heights. Brilliant use of patterns and colours used on different forms of fabric have contributed in creating a delightful impact on the sarees we have. Salwar suit sets with matching dupattas exhibiting batik prints are also quite unique and flattering.

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If you wish to have a diverse exploration of fashion arena and at the same time want to showcase your penchant for artwork detailing in your attire, go for batik print sarees and salwar suits at Swadeshi Boutique.

All we want is you to be inundated with compliments as you drape these ethnic apparels with pride. With celebrities around the globe endorsing this pattern, its time to incorporate them in our clothing taste as well. Go ahead ladies! Shop happy and shop heavy only at the trusted name of Swadeshi Boutique.


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