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Narayanpet saree is one such example. This style of weaving shows the distinct influence of two states, i.e. Maharashtra and Telangana. The process of manufacturing a Narayanpet handloom saree starts with dyeing the yarn. Dyeing is the colouring process of the yarn by dipping the yarn in the boiled colour water at very high temperatures.  A cotton Narayanpet saree takes a day or two to be made, while silk Narayanpet sarees take longer depending upon the complexity of the design.

  • ​​Care: Dry clean first time to set colors. Later hand wash in mild detergent with shampoo (Ezee)/Machine wash with Delicate setting
  • Dimensions: (L x B) 550 cms x 110 cms for saree and 80 cms for Blouse
  • Material: Cotton
  • Colour may slightly vary with the original saree