Trendy frenzy of Pom Pom lace sarees

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Did you think of saress as traditional wear worn only on wedding occasion or celebratory purposes? Well, then, think again. Fashion industrialist Sanjay Garg says that “Saree is the most modern garment, one which can be perceived in so many different ways.” There is that little touch that transits it from the wear of the elderly to the wear of the alpha woman. At Swadeshi Boutique we design our collection for woman who love to express themselves in sarees, are comfortable in their drape and embody tradition in their body language. One such addition to this glorious nine yard wonder is usage of pom pom laces that are a frenzy of the town today. Be it bags, shoes, accessories and now sarees; pom pom have managed to bring about that quirky addition to conventional silhouettes. So friends; get ready to give your traditional weaves a contemporary touch. Have a look at what we mean.

BUY NOW Kalamkari dyed saree with pom pom lace attached

Flaunting the beauty of kalamkari work encompassed in this saree, its beauty escalates further with pom pom laces at the edge of the entire length of it. The cotton fabric blends beautifully with the work and makes it a summer staple.

BUY NOW this Kalamkari saree with faces in body and pom pom lace attached

The modernity technique of the designer is so enchanting as one witnesses the kalamkari work as faces on the length of the saree fabric. Adorned further by pom pom laces this saree is just right for the Sunday brunch with friends.

BUY NOW ThisKalmakari dyed saree with trees in body and pom pom lace 

Yellow in its sunny colour brings out the beauty of the wearer in a bright way. Paired with a blue pallu with kalamkari patterns, it is a beauty to behold. What is most eye catching is the contrast colour pom pom lace in red highlighting the entire look of the saree.

BUY NOW This Kalamkari dyed saree with pom pom lace attached

It is the pattern of the kalamkari print that makes this saree a unique wear. Soothing colours and patterns are further spruced up by the pom pom lace that garnishes the saree with a generous sprinkle. Wear it to fall in love with it.

These and several other options of pom pom laced sarees that awaits you at Swadeshi Boutique to give you a feel of a classy drape. The colourful cotton balls or tufts completely encapsulate the spirit of the literal pom poms. Wear these embellished sarees to get caught in the frenzy of trendy pom poms!


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